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Rage 4th was founded by rock and desert racing champion, Jason Scherer, in 2018. Jason grew up near the infamous Rubicon Trail where he learned to rock crawl at the early age of 10. Countless hours were spend navigating the nation's most historic off-road trails. Where most kids learn to drive around a parking lot, Jason took on obstacles like the 'Cons Soup Bowl, Big Sluice and Cadillac Hill as his Driver's Ed. By 2002, he had honed his skills in recreational wheeling, so he decided to test his abilities in the early years of rock crawling competitions like Calroc and URock. He quickly proved to be a top driver, earning multiple 1st places and consecutive championships in the Pro Rock series in 2006 and 2007.

In 2008, Jason had heard about a new kind of racing, one that combined his beloved rock crawling coupled with fast-paced open desert sections, called King of the Hammers. 

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